2018 German Design winners Smart:)things solutions

2018 German Design winners Smart:)things solutions

Our sDock Fix has won the German Design Award 2018!

We, the smart things team, are very proud that a high-ranking international jury has awarded our sDock Fix with the prestigious German Design Award 2018, confirming that our new iPad wall mount / charger is an outstanding product, distinguishing us clearly, by its design, from the rest of our competitors.

With a thickness of only 12mm, the lockable sDock Fix is one of the thinnest of its kind in the world and thanks to its clarity and simple elegance, enhances the design of all the current Apple iPads. All operating elements of the tablet are freely accessible. Our wall mount is very popular for permanent installations in the area of: home automation, meeting rooms, digital signage, hotels and kiosk solutions.The first edition was sold out in just a few weeks.

After launching our first and worldwide unique iPad wall mount sDock with charging function and picture frame, we rounded off our product range with the new sDock Fix. 

sDock Fix starting at only $199 CDN