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Tony Baak – Owner/Systems Consultant/Designer/Installer

It all started at the age of thirteen. Tony asked his Dad for a stereo system; only to have his father pass him a two dollar bill. He looked at his Dad with a puzzled look on his face and asked “What am I supposed to get with that?” His Dad replied “You’re going to go in the shed, get the gas can, go to the gas station and fill it up. Then, you’re going to go door to door with that gas and the lawn mower and offer your services to the neighborhood. And, by the end of the summer, you can buy your very own stereo system”

Well, by the end of that summer, Tony had 1300.00 saved (A lot of grass cutting to get there). He had enough money for an integrated amplifier and DBX cassette deck (Some of you reading this may remember the DBX encoding system). Unfortunately there wasn’t enough money for a pair of loudspeakers. However, there was enough left over for the parts to build a pair.

Tony then proceeded (With the appropriate parts and knowledge acquired from his best friend’s father; whom had been working in the electronic repair industry) to his Dad’s work shop to build the final link in the system. Mission accomplished. The family home was never quiet from then on.

Approximately 2 years later, Tony sold his “handmade” loudspeakers to his music teacher at school; for a tidy profit. This is when the idea of a possible career began to blossom.

Upon Tony`s father being posted to NDHQ in Ottawa, Tony secured his first job in Ontario as a sales clerk in a video store, that also, happened to be attached to a stereo shop, needless to say, his enthusiasm for the “other side “had been nurtured. Therefore, it wasn’t long before the management of the stereo shop had acquired him for sales on their floor.

Shortly after, Tony was acquired by a national electronics chain where he excelled at sales; not long after working his way into management. His tenure spanned between 1986 and 1995.

1995 was the year where the step was made to an independent high end retailer in Halifax; where the passion for built in, custom, comprehensive systems began. A six and half year tenure was completed and Tony was acquired by another firm to guide their foray into the custom electronics industry.

The next seven years Tony worked from a private showroom in the Burnside Industrial Park, providing exceptional solutions for Theatres, Media Systems and Audio/Video Distribution. Once again, another firm approached him and acquired his services in 2009.

The next three and half years were spent in the systems integration industry; once again creating solutions that work for both residential and commercial applications.

Over the many years working in the Nova Scotia market, Tony had heard more often than not from colleagues, clients, and friends that he should go out on his own and create his own business.

In November of 2012, that’s exactly what happened. Sound by Baak Audio/Video Solutions was born. With the support of long standing clients, friends, family, and most importantly his business partner and spouse, Julie Kennedy and along with his two children Julia and Corey, the foray into entrepreneurship began to blossom.

Now, with over a quarter century in the industry under his belt, he continues to offer exceptional products, exceptional services and ultimately exceptional results; forging relationships with clients and industry professionals alike. Doing it right the first time.

Tony doesn’t refer to clients as customers, he calls them friends. You don’t get “just boxes”, you get him.

Julie Kennedy – Owner/Administrator

Julie’s passion for business and creating relationships shows in everything she does. With a long history in the Human Services field, working with clients, both, one on one, or in group settings, Julie’s knack for making people feel comfortable is like no other.

Certainly an asset is her previous experience within the business world. As the previous owner and operator of the presently active Dwight Ross Kids Care, Julie was responsible for providing a professionally run childcare program to the parents and community members of the Dwight Ross Elementary School located in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. It has always been and remains Julie`s highest priority to bring quality of care and attention to detail to those around her, either involving those in business or in personal projects.

Dedicated in this philosophy of care and attention, Julie looks forward to making your experience with Sound by Baak clearly a personable one that brings you closer to the team.