The smart:)things story.

"Why isn't there a wall bracket for iPads that also looks good without my iPad?" This question led to the founding of smart:)things.

For many months, the team at the agency ergon3Design worked meticulously to design a wall bracket which is an object of art in its own right, with or without the iPad. The owner of this agency, Thomas Detemple, presented the result to the CEOs of the TQ Group, Detlef Schneider and Rüdiger Stahl in February, 2011. They were so thrilled with the result that only one month later the joint company smart:)things was founded.

"The name of the company says it all", explains Thomas Detemple, CEO.
Our objective is to develop innovative products which satisfy the highest demands for functionality and design. Our main focus is on unique accessories for computers, video and audio. We chose Weßling as a company location, looking up to one of the most original onion domes in Bavaria.



Use the sDock with iPad for home automation: control and use electricity, heating, light and more. You can follow your favourite recipes comfortably, watch movies, charge batteries or stream wireless music to your other devices. The sDock is a classy clip-on picture frame when your iPad is on the road. Both in portrait and landscape format.


Health care

The market for medical apps in the healthcare industry is predicted to top $400 million by 2016. More and more iPads are used in hospitals, health care facilities and private practices.


Fair and trade

You can do product presentations via iPad right at your trade fair stand. Without cable tangle - but with a charged battery. Thief-proof functionality. sDock keeps your iPad safe. The sDock mounts professionally to your wall, there are multiple cable management options available both in wall and out. sDock and sWedge 20 provide multiple Point of Sale options , information booth and log in possibilities.



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About Newbeem

Newbeem was formed by three entrepreneurs Andy , Yiping and Andrew . All three of these gentlemen bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their company. Newbeem has designed a smart outlet that not only controls the on and off function by their iPlug app (app store and google play store's) but also has a dimmer built in. The dimmer feature among others separate this smart plug from the competition.

Andy Feng is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the emerging “Internet of Things” space. Andy Feng believes that the Physical Graph represents the next major phase of the Internet that will create revolutionary change in every facet of life from the home to the office to the gym.
Prior to founding Newbeem, Andy Feng has spent the past 20 Years in electronics product research & development, production, supply chain management, particularly for high volume innovative consumer electronics and home appliances.Newbeem smart outlet combines timer, dimmer and surge protection in one small three ports outlet which can be controlled by your smart phone.

Yiping is a "Cloud CTO" that strongly believes in the importance of Cloud-based services as an enabler of time-to market, scalable architectures, improved and more mature service level agreements, and competitive advantage. Accordingly, he believes that the Internet of Things will happen largely in an ever expanding Internet Cloud.
Prior to founding Newbeem, Yiping has spent more than 30 years in software engineering, engineering management, and executive technology leadership roles. Most recently, Yiping was CTO and CIO for Lewye. Yiping began his commercial software career in the ERP industry at J.D. Edwards and spent the first 13 years of his career at Lockheed.

Andrew is a repeat entrepreneur with experience designing, building and operating sales, marketing, operations and support organizations from startup to international scale. He believes the connected world and Internet of Things will profoundly change the home, the office and everything in between in the coming decade.
Prior to founding Newbeem, Andrew co-founded Mural, a global go-to-market and support delivery organization for SaaS and IaaS providers and SMBLive, a cloud-based software provider. Most recently, Andrew was Senior Vice President of Global Product Operations at ReachLocal, a global provider of online marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses that acquired SMBLive in 2010.


Product Description

High Power output – two 1100 W regular power sockets and one 200 W WiFi controlled socket
Surge Protection – Safe guard of your devices plug in it
Power Scheduling – Up to 60 timers can easily create on/off schedules for your lights
Brightness control – Continuously Variable Dimmer for all kinds of dimmable light bulbs
Simple setup – Easily connect to existing Wi-Fi network
Wi-Fi Connectivity – Requires no additional hub or device, works with any Wi-Fi network or without wifi network
Working Voltage – AC 85V~130V @50Hz – 60Hz