Newbeem Smart Outlet

Newbeem Smart Outlet


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Newbeem Smart Outlet


Product Description

High Power output – two 1100 W regular power sockets and one 200 W WiFi controlled socket
Surge Protection – Safe guard of your devices plug in it
Power Scheduling – Up to 60 timers can easily create on/off schedules for your lights
Brightness control – Continuously Variable Dimmer for all kinds of dimmable light bulbs
Simple setup – Easily connect to existing Wi-Fi network
Wi-Fi Connectivity – Requires no additional hub or device, works with any Wi-Fi network or without wifi network
Working Voltage – AC 85V~130V @50Hz – 60Hz


Product specifications


Support IEEE 802.11/b/g/n Wi-Fi standard
Support AP mode(direct access) and Station mode (access through router);
Support wireless and remote firmware upgrade;
Frequency range: 2.412GHz-2.484Ghz.
Transmit power: 802.11b: +16dBm
802.11g: +14dBm
802.11n: +13dBm
Receiver Sensitivity: 802.11b:-93dBm
Antenna: internal I-PEX connector type mini antenna.

Surge protection

Clamping Voltage: <340V
Rated wattage: <0.6W
Withstanding Surge Current : 1 Time: 6000A;2 Time:4500A
Max Energy: 270 JOUELS
Temp Coefficient of: <-0.05%
Leakage current: <20uA
Impulse Life: <+-10%


Continues Variable;
Trailing edge dual MosFETs Technology
Control method: PWM
Sample Rate:300Hz
Maximum Current: 2A
Pre-set programs support;
Customized programs support.
Support bulbs: all kinds dimmable bulbs include incandescent, CFL, fluorescent and LED bulbs.


Program up to 60 automatic switch settings.
Minimum setting interval: 1 minute
A setting can be for a particular day of the week, every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, every year.

Electrical Parameters

Power Source: wall outlet
AC input voltage: AC85-260 V 50Hz/60Hz
Output current : regular outlet:10A
wifi outlet: 2A
Typical power consumption: 1 watt
Maximum power consumption: 2 watts

Environmental Data

Operating temperature: -20° C (-4° F) to 60° C (140° F)
Operating humidity: 15% to 85%, non-condensing
Storage temperature: -40° C (-40° F) to 125° C (257° F)
Storage humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing


Dimensions: 112mmX75mmX35mm
Net eight: 172g
Gross weight: 205g