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sDock Air | smart things solutions


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for 9.7 inch iPad with Lightning Connector 

At the office, trade fairs, in a hotel room or in other  public places
Your iPad is protected from thieves with sLock, sDock's locking feature

The sDock can be mounted quickly and easily. You can mount it to the wall as portrait or landscape format and in pivot mode.
All controls remain easily accessible.

Docking station
sDock can hold and charge Your iPad.



Pivotable by 90 degrees to the left
A stylish photo frame without the iPad!
All controls of the iPad remain accessible.


USB cable 1.50m (USB micro > USB A)
Key lock with 2 keys
Mounting disc for pivotable mounting
User manual and instruction sheet
Mounting hardware 
No power supply.


Front made of anodized aluminum, all other parts of high-quality partly reinforced plastics.
RoHS compliant. WEEE not applicable.
Measures 120 x 290 x 24 mm (without iPad)
186 x 290 x 24 mm (with iPad)
Weight 580 g ,900 g with packaging and accessories


TÜV type approved (IEC 60950, EMV)
CE certification

*iPad not included

*Apple iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc.